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2023 : That Was The Year That Was

Happy New Year.

It's always exciting - and that's not an over the top way of describing it - to unleash the Pop In The Real World End of Year playlist. To avoid faffing about, here are the Spotify and YouTube playlists.



The Year In Review

Purely by chance the playlist has exactly 100 songs. That wasn't planned but it feels satisfying that it came out that way.

If the number of songs from an individual album on the list is any guide, then the Pop In The Real World albums of the year were:

In first place was Change by Catt with three songs on the list.

Tying in second place with two songs each on the list were:

  • Mox Nox - Alison Eales

  • Late Developers - Belle and Sebastian

  • Flicker - Death and Vanilla

  • Im Funfminutentakt - Fred und Luna

  • Tongue Tied - Gemma Cullingford

  • Tarbes - La Feline

  • AudioLust & HigherLove - SG Lewis

  • Brothers and Sisters - Steve Mason

  • Nothing Lasts Forever - Teenage Fanclub

The SG Lewis album surprised me because my review suggests that first impressions were definitely misleading in this case.

With the help of Spotify and its annual Wrap Up algorithm, I can tell you that the Top 5 Pop In The Real World songs of the year were:

  1. Une Ville Moyenne - La Feline

  2. Honesty Lies - Catt

  3. Slow Motion Harmony - Catt

  4. Letter To Myself - The Lottery Winners with Frank Turner

  5. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is - Dr Feelgood

Looking at the list, it's been a year of strong and enduring albums. That's good and bodes well for 2024.

As always, I'm grateful for song and album suggestions received during the year, and for inclusion on the 2023 list.

Thank you for following and supporting Pop In The Real World during 2023. I'll stop now so that you can get back to listening to music.


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