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On The Radio : 01/10/23

Eight shows in, and over 200 songs played. I hope everyone's found something to enjoy in that mix!

Last Sunday's show was an interesting experience. For the first time, I wasn't completely happy with the music. Given that I'd selected the songs, that was an awkward position to be in!

Reflecting on the show afterwards I felt there were four songs - I won't name them as none of them were bad songs - that didn't fit with the vibe I was hoping to achieve. Normally, that would be possible to overcome but those four songs arrived in the first nine songs on the programme and set a tone that was, perhaps, difficult to shake off. I hope it recovered by the end, and I'll be giving more thought to song selections and sequencing in weeks to come.

The songs played on the show were:

  1. Busy Busy Doing Nothing - The Beat / Ranking Roger

  2. Always Crashing In The Same Car - David Bowie

  3. Fluxus - Django Django

  4. Off Goes The Light - Bibio

  5. The Narcissist - Blur

  6. Make Love - Pomplamoose

  7. Mr Jones - Talking Heads

  8. Part of the Process - Morcheeba

  9. Holes - Mercury Rev

  10. Steel Your Girl - Neon Neon

  11. Cars - The Leisure Society

  12. Dolphin - Greg Foat, Gigi Masin

  13. Freedom Train - Toots and the Maytals (A surprising hit with our two year old granddaughter!)

  14. Kid - Live : Pretenders

  15. Mr Bojangles - Nina Simone

  16. No Need To Cry - Sea Power (Used to be British Sea Power until that name became tainted by a growth in unsavoury nationalism.)

  17. The Pills Won't Help You Now - The Chemical Brothers

  18. Buka (Live from Studio S2) - Hania Rani

  19. I'll Keep On Following You - Hellogoodbye

  20. Laps Around The Sun - Merk

  21. Loud Places - Jamie XX

  22. She Is Gone - The Silver Seas

  23. The Saviour - Maximilian Hecker

  24. All I Think About Is You - Harry Nilsson

  25. Hotel California - Pink Turtle

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