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On The Radio : 050524

I start writing this each week while the show is still on air. I'm used to the presenter before me ending with a snippet of a song, maybe a couple of minutes, which feels a bit odd to be honest. I know he's live, but I would have thought he could adjust the patter to fit a bit better. He surprised me today though when he confided in his closing words that the final song would be a fragment of 'Africa' by Toto, a song he had always detested.

Umm.... don't play it then. You're the DJ. You can always pick songs you can be passionate about or at least see the appeal to a wider audience. It may be that he's allowing the software to pick the songs for him. That can happen but if you think that the selections aren't very good I think you still have a duty to stay positive for the audience. As it happens, I don't mind the song.

I am a little concerned at the recent voice links which seem to a little loud and bedevilled by background noise. I suspect it's a technical problem with the recording levels. I don't know how to fix that but, hopefully, I know a couple of men who can and it won't be along running issue.

Here are this week's songs.

  1. Being Boiled - The Human League

  2. No Surprises - Radiohead

  3. Perfect Day - Rufus Wainwright

  4. Bradman - Paul Kelly

  5. The Wonder Of You - Villagers

  6. Betweenness - Gnac

  7. Better Not Look Down - BB King

  8. 7 Seconds - Youssou N'Dour (featuring Neneh Cherry)

  9. Fever - Aldous Harding

  10. Coming Alive - Dualist Inquiry

  11. First of the Gang To Die - Morrissey

  12. Beat Surrender - The Jam

  13. Let It Grow - Eric Clapton

  14. All I Want Is You - Roxy Music

  15. Rip It Up - Orange Juice

  16. I Pray - Beatowls

  17. Bernskan - Asgeir

  18. Big Sky Love (Song For Sachiko) - Carwyn Ellis

  19. Love Hangover (12" Version) - Diana Ross

  20. Your Stammering Kisses - Maximilian Hecker

  21. Mind of a Toy - Visage

  22. Suffer The Children - Tears For Fears

  23. Could This Be Heaven ? - The Original Mirrors (Sadly, not available on streaming services, but if you ever see a physical copy of the album treat yourself.)

  24. Ooh La La - Goldfrapp

  25. Eskimo - Damien Rice

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