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On The Radio : 081023

I hope that if you heard last week's show, you enjoyed it as much as I did. I've reached the stage where the self consciousness of speaking on air is less but the awkward anticipation of hearing myself is unchanged. I thought the music flowed better this week which was encouraging.

On 29th October, I'm planning a Halloween special. It won't be a programme filled with ghostly sounds or songs about pumpkins, but I'm trying to find some songs that fit the season. If you can think of any bands or songs that fit the mood of the programme please shout! (Or deliver via a banshee wail!).

The records played last week were:

  1. Sliced Tomatoes - The Just Brothers

  2. Amsterdam - Moonlight Parade

  3. Circles - Birmingham Electric

  4. Love Your Grace - Vega Trails

  5. Think I'll Stay - Westerman

  6. My Love, My Life - John Grant, Conor O'Brien

  7. Bigger Than Us - Me For Queen

  8. If They're Shooting At You - Belle and Sebastian

  9. (Nice Dream) - Rosie Carney

  10. If My Daddy Could See Me Now - Ian McNabb

  11. Mick's Blessings - The Style Council

  12. Corner Of My Eye - The Lemon Twigs

  13. Indiana - David Mead

  14. 1-95 - Fountains Of Wayne

  15. Invisible - Unkle Bob

  16. My Sex - Ultravox!

  17. Here and Now - Aqualung

  18. True Love & Near Misses - Hardwicke Circus

  19. Rebecca - William Tyler

  20. Lazy Day - Birdie

  21. Drift - Billy Reeves

  22. Love Theme From Spartacus (Zero 7 Remix) - Terry Callier

  23. Way To Say Goodbye - Aoife Nessa Frances

  24. Think For A Minute - The Housemartins

  25. Heritage of Queens and Kings - Hang Massive

  26. Pinky In The Daylight - Tindersticks

  27. Slave To The Rhythm - Grace Jones

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