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On The Radio : 101223

Kid Jensen played some songs for me once omn his drive time show on Radio 1. To commemorate the occasion he sent me a biro saying "This pen belonged to Kid Jensen. Now it belongs to one of his friends.) Aah! A lovely man. (Quick pause to wipe tear leaking from right eye.)

Last Sunday's show seemed to go well. The producer (aka Darren the station owner) split the adverts into two parts, the first set coming midway through the show. It worked better that way.

The songs featured were :

  1. Who Put That There? - The James Taylor Quartet

  2. How Can I Tell You? - Madness

  3. We Need A Little Christmas - Ages and Ages

  4. Time - Nico Paulo

  5. I Still Want You - Richard Hawley

  6. Make Me A Song - Eleanor Friedberger

  7. Ocean / Are You Weird Enough - DG Solaris, Jeremy Tupin

  8. It's Not You - Colorama

  9. All I Want For Christmas Is You. - Julia Stone

  10. Cure For Me - Aurora

  11. Holding On Too Long - Hard Feelinfs

  12. Bleeding Blue - Woods

  13. Hsppy Xmas (War Is Over) - The Polyphonic Spree

  14. Love Is Happening - Bitw

  15. Szepty - Pejzaz

  16. Losing You - Solange

  17. Tune In - Tahiti 80

  18. 8MM Desire - Champs

  19. Sea Change - Turin Brakes

  20. Christmas (And Dad Wants Her Back) - Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbot

  21. 25th December - Everything But The Girl

  22. Through Hoops - Alison Eales (I'm possibly her biggest fan at the moment. Loving her album 'Mox Nox')

  23. Angel In The Snow - A-Ha

  24. Uncertain Smile - The The

  25. I Hold Your Heart - Dubstar

  26. One Day Like This - Elbow

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