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On The Radio : 110224

Steve Wright 26/8/54 - 12/2/24

I was quite pleased with last Sunday's show until the top of the hour transition problems kicked in once more, knocking 10 minutes out of the show. It felt like a show that hung together well with links that worked OK. It was building towards one of those endings that flows nicely from one song to another.

I can't pretend it's anything but irritating and am sorry for the disruption to your evening listening. I'm assured - again - that the problem is resolved, simply by adding in the data for future programmes manually. If you missed it, it should run smoothly on on Thursday 15/2 between 12:00 and 14:00.

Here are the songs that featured in the show.

  1. That's That - Cass McCombs

  2. We've Seen Birds : Smoke Fairies

  3. Belt & Carpet - U-Ziq

  4. Wintertime - The Clientele

  5. Michael In Nashville - Michael James Tapscott and Jeff Moller

  6. I Don't Live Here Any More (featuring Lucius) - The War On Drugs

  7. Lula - Bruce Foxton and Russell Hastings

  8. Bad Friend - Gruff Rhys

  9. Alabaster Skin - Arborist

  10. Cars - Olivier Libaux

  11. Stormy - Dragonette

  12. Sinful (Tribal Music) - Pete Wylie and the Mighty WAH!

  13. Getting Away With It - Electronic

  14. Can Am Gariad - Carwyn Ellis and Bendith

  15. Crown - Stormzy (The first appearanc of rap on the show!)

  16. Life Is A Thing Again - Scenius

  17. Jalisco - Babeheaven

  18. Winter On - Attic Lights

  19. Secret - Honey Harper

  20. Midnight Coma - Tim Finn

  21. Party Feaers Two - Admiral Fallow

  22. Out The Window - Confidence Man

  23. Woodford Halse to Fenny Common

  24. Same Old Scene - Roxy Music

  25. The View From Here - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

  26. Eve, The Apple of My Eye - Bell X1

(The last two will be repeated in the show for 25/2/24 as they were lost due to the 'technical' issues.)

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