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On The Radio 13/8/23

So, that was the debut radio show that was. I am so grateful for the support, encouragement and positive comments received before, during and after the show. I was fairly buzzing afterwards. My favourite comments that "F**k Brexit, love this European stuff". There will be more of that to come in future shows. It also felt a bit special to hear of the comment from a si year old daughter of a listener who commented on 'Somebody's Baby' saying "That's a lovely song." Catch 'em young, I say.

As you may know, the shows aren't archived yet, although there are plans to have a Mixcloud account that will keep them available for a while.

I have had a request though to make the playlist that formed the basis of the programme available. That's because there may be songs you'd like to hear again. I should stress. It's only the songs not the dulcet sounds of my "Ums", "Ers" and unintentionally on mic noises!

It's only on Spotify I'm afraid but a link to it is above. To help anyone on other platforms, I've listed the songs played below.

  1. When You're Not With Me - Belle and Sebastian

  2. Eyes Wide Shut - The Shop Window

  3. Wonder In The Morning After - Adam Camm

  4. Strict Machine - Goldfrapp

  5. Eins Null Eins Eins Null - Fred Und Luna

  6. Une Ville Moyenne - La Feline

  7. Chaser - Mammal Hands

  8. Look At You - Patrick Watson

  9. Billie Bossa Nova - Billie Eilish

  10. Brothers and Sisters - Steve Mason

  11. I Play My Bass Loud - Gina Birch

  12. Artefact - Phoenix

  13. Right On Time - Metronomy

  14. Veronica - Elvis Costello

  15. Music Stuff - CVC

  16. Making Plans for Nigel - Nouvelle Vague

  17. Y Cwsg - Group Listening

  18. Chloe - Father John Misty

  19. Letter To Myself (Acoustic Version) - The Lottery Winners

  20. Rich - Lloyd Cole and the Commotions

  21. Somebody's Baby - El Perro Del Mar

  22. Fixed Positions - Andrew Bird

  23. Riding The Wave - Immersion featuring Laetitia Sadier

  24. Computer Break (Late Mix) - Khotin

  25. Adios Ayer - Jose Padilla

  26. Looking For Parque Tom Jobim - James Clarke Five

  27. So Simpatico - Villagers

I'll post something similar after each programme.

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