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On The Radio : 15/10/23

Last Sunday's show commanded an international audience. Well, I listened to it in Spain which is almost the same thing!

Don't forget that the show airing on 29/10/23 is a Halloween special so if you have any songs you feel match the mood of the programme, partcularly if they're not too obvious, give me a shout.

The songs featured on the show were

  1. Jukebox - Fischer Z Thanks to Martin in Bristol, who tactfully pointed out that I called him John Watts, rather than John Watt.

  2. Up On The Downside - Ocean Colour Scene, or as I persisted in calling them on the discarded voice tracks THE Ocean Colour Scene.

  3. The Roof - Air Waves

  4. Equilibrium - Haunt The Woods

  5. Choci Loni - Young Marble Giants

  6. All Things Now - The Building

  7. Groovy Situation - Inna De Yard featuring Keith Rowe

  8. Are You Reasdy To Be Heartbroken? - Lloyd Cole and the Commotions

  9. Llloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken - Camera Obscura

  10. Maria - Sam Butler

  11. The Comedians - Roy Orbison

  12. It Will End In Tears - Philip Selway

  13. King - UB40

  14. Fools In Love - Joe Jackson

  15. Hail Bop - Django Django

  16. It Goes Like This - Stuart Moxham and Louis Phillippe

  17. Eddie & Polly - The Delines

  18. Les Fleur - 4Hero featuring Carina Andersson

  19. It Could've Been Me (Pop String Version) - The Boy Least Likely To

  20. The Milk Bar - David Boulter

  21. Hun Sa, Har Sagt - Museum

  22. Bedlam - Nichol;as Krgovich

  23. Mancey - Andrew Bird

  24. Today We're The Greatest - Middle Kids

  25. Caught On The Inside - Ten Fe

  26. Up With People (Zero 7 Remix) - Lambchop

  27. Shangri La - ELO

As ELO suggest at the end of 'Shangri La', Pop In The Real World On The Radio returns next Sunday, 18:00 to 20:00 on

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