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On The Radio : 160624

Gratuitous football picture to link the programme to Euro 2024? Or a link to radio?

Answer at the end of the blog.

You may have detected a more raucous infiltration to the mellow mix in recent weeks - not much, just enough to keep the energy levels up. That explains CSS and Fontaines DC this week. They're both excellent songs and perhaps what the show has been lacking over the last few weeks.

I'm excited about next week's show, inspired by the shows, films, TV shows, books, sporting events and momentous world events over the last few decades. Personally, I think the beginning, the end and quite a few bits in the middle are strong. If you get a chance to listen to it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.

Today's songs were :

  1. Viva La Vida - Coldplay

  2. This Is The Day (Disinfected Version) - The The

  3. Since I Met You - Shack

  4. Hard To Love - Better Joy

  5. Off The Hook - CSS

  6. ARP - Ammonite

  7. Bopalong - Kinobe

  8. For Lovers - Wolfman (featuring Pete Doherty) (On Spotify Wolfman is now listed under his real name, Jake Fior)

  9. I'll Arise (Live) - Nils Lofgren

  10. Shiny Happy People (Dance to the Music Mix) - R.E.M. (Unfortunately this version isn't on Spotify, so the version on the playlist is the standard 7" version.)

  11. Forbidden City - Electronic

  12. A Hero's Death - Fontaines DC

  13. Looking Glass - Israel Nash

  14. The Universal - Blur

  15. Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand

  16. More Than A Dream - The Farmer's Boys

  17. Shadow of a Giant - James

  18. Morning - Beck

  19. Smalltown Boy - Bronskibeat

  20. Lilac - Aaron Parks

  21. Proof - I Am Kloot

  22. The Golden Time - Villagers

  23. Oh No - Andrew Bird

  24. Atlantique Sud - M83 with Mai Lai

  25. Nothing Has Been Proved (12" Version) - Dusty Springfield

  26. Fire Surrounds - Swim Deep

The answer to the picture question at the start is that this particular picture was once used by BBC 5 Live Sports Extra to promote their programmes.

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