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On The Radio : 170324

I hope you're continuing to enjoy the show. It's been a bit of a never ending crate digging expereince for me, and that's a good thing!

There are a few ways to access the programme - all live, I'm afraid as there is still no archiving in place.

You can still use That's the way I access it, linking it to a soundbar through Bluetooth. (That's probably as technical as turning a laptop on to play music, but it was a first for me.)

You can also ask Alexa to play Royal Borough Radio. One word of advice though. She doesn't like it if you say the word 'Borough' quickly, and she doesn't seem to like the Midlesborough or Scottish accents. (I do. They're often very warm and friendly.)

There's a new way too which is to access the radio through a streaming service, namely There's no charge for this. The cost has been met by the Station.

The songs on this week's show were:

  1. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding? - Brinsley Schwartz

  2. Better Days - Zack Keim

  3. Go To Hell, Miss Rydell - Pelle Carlberg

  4. Betty's Lament - Isan

  5. Living Fast, Not Living Well - Jamie Noone

  6. Acid Drone 7 - Acid Drones

  7. La Magia de Aquellas Noches - The Yellow Melodies

  8. Roam - The B52s

  9. No Way She Exists - King Creosote

  10. Kids Will Be Skeletons - Mogwai

  11. Bruises - Chairlift

  12. Everything Now - Arcade Fire

  13. Borderline - Tame Impala

  14. Heaven / Where True Love Goes - Yusuf / Cat Stevens

  15. Today Has Been OK - Emiliana Torrini

  16. Bug Rain (Acoustic Version) - Looper

  17. When I Say So - Dolores Forever

  18. There Was A Time - Josh Rouse

  19. Our Love Is As Tall As The Calgary Tower - Woodpigeom (This is a different version to the song played on the programme. It's longer, but the remix isn't available on Spotify.)

  20. My Love Is Like A Gift You Can't Return - The Man From Del Monte

  21. When Mac Was Swimming - The Innocence Mission

  22. I Dare You - The XX

  23. Three Imaginary Boys :-The Cure

  24. Grumpus - Lambchop

  25. Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt 1 - The Flaming Lips

  26. Double Dutch - Malcolm McLaren

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