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On The Radio : 190524

I was a little tense about last Sunday's show. It had been compiled while on holiday which was trickier than expected. Recording the voice links was, for unknown reasons, quite infuriating this week. And I was concerned that the volume sessions, which needed to change, would be too effective and render the words inaudible. Fortunately all aspects of the show seemed fine.

Here are the songs that were played.

  1. I Want Candy : Bow Wow Wow

  2. Cliffhanger : Ward White

  3. Cat People (Putting Out Fire) : David Bowie and Giorgio Moroder

  4. You're Not Alone : Courtesy

  5. What Part Of Me : Low

  6. September Fields : Frazey Ford

  7. Late In The Evening : Paul Simon

  8. Open Your Heart : Human League

  9. Back In The Day : Teenage Fanclub

  10. The Mercury Girl : The Cleaners From Venus

  11. Almost Prayed : The Weather Prophets

  12. (Who's Been On The) Big Rock Candy? : James Clarke Five (Spoiler alert. There's only one of them!)

  13. Oh Dear : Isolde Lasoen

  14. Pretty Baby : Blondie

  15. Do You Remember Rock And Roll Radio? : The Ramones

  16. L.S.F. : Kasabian

  17. Bend The round : Emma Anderson

  18. Colder Heavens : Blanco White

  19. Should I Pray : Eddi Reader

  20. Kisses : Slowdive

  21. Waterfall (Justin Robertson Remix) : The Stone Roses

  22. County Fair : John Grant

  23. Plage : Crystal Fighters

  24. Dangerous Rhythm : Ultravox!

  25. Hope and Glory : Faithless

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