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On The Radio 20/8/23

Well that's two shows done now, and it's starting to be a very enjoyable hobby.

If you were able to listen, I hope you found something - everything - enjoyable. I hope that nobody was brought up short by the sudden appearance of Brian Blessed., or accepted his invitation to join him in the Garden of Enchantlent! He's back in the box now and won't be reappearing.

If you have any particular favourites from either of the programmes please let me know. They'll help to shape future selections. Also, if you'd like to suggest a song that fits with the show I'd be very glad to have it.

Here are the songs played on the show.

  1. Koozy - Pyramid Kitten

  2. Eleanor - Hot Chip

  3. Tale of Devotion (Sunny Version) - Terr

  4. The boy On the Beach - Carwyn Ellis

  5. Sunny Road - Emiliana Torrini

  6. English summer - Grandadbob

  7. Little Love - Mounika

  8. Honesty Lies - CATT

  9. Ridiculous - Minimal Schlager

  10. Cocoa Liquor - Alice Jemima

  11. Diferente - Gotan Project

  12. Tonight The Streets Are Ours - Richard Hawley

  13. Sha La La - Sam Blasucci

  14. Baby - Drugstore

  15. Depends - The Selecter

  16. My Heart and I - Breathless

  17. Motivo Loco - Jacob Gurevitsch

  18. Seven Seas - Tahiti 80

  19. Somebody Calls Your Name - Andy Burrows

  20. Crosshairs - Cassandra Jenkins

  21. Blurred Girl - John Foxx

  22. Sketch For Summer - The Durutti Column

  23. Weightlifting - Trashcan Sinatras

  24. Square Face - Chloe Foy

  25. Eve - Jim Capaldi

  26. Kokomo IN - Japanese Breakfast

  27. Blue Skies - Willie Nelson

  28. The Hungry Years - The Leisure Society

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