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On The Radio : 210424

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I was listening to Stuart Maconie on Radio 6 in the car this morning, and I think he pre-records his show just like I do. Here's why.

First catching the end of his show I thought he said that he was on again this evening. If that's right, he's not daft and he probably doesn't want to be up too early on a Sunday morning to present his first show live.

Secondly, at one point the audience was treated to an excerpt of 'A Windmill In Old Amsterdam' last heard on national radio when Ed Steward played it on Junior Choice. It ended abruptly after a minute or so, replaced by a jingle and followed by a com pletely different, Radio 6 appropriate song.

Thirdly, it was never referred to again. Regular listeners may reall that was a glitch that bedevilled our show for a few weeks recently.

The songs on this week's show were:

  1. SOS - Abba

  2. Trouble With The Green - Stornoway

  3. Little Fluffy Clouds (7" Edit) - The Orb

  4. Prayer Remembered - Slowdive

  5. Stuck In The Middle : Sea of Bees

  6. I'm In Love - Teenage Fanclub

  7. Lonely Together - Homespun

  8. Seasons Come, Seasons Go - Bobbie Gentry

  9. Fall In Love With Me - Tim Booth, Angelo Badalamenti

  10. I Saw A Ghost - Slow Readers Club

  11. Army Dreamers - Kate Bush

  12. (I'm Gonna) Cry Myself Blind - Primal Scream

  13. Superrich - Ten Fe

  14. If I Had $1,000,000 - Barenaked Ladies

  15. Best Friend - The Beat

  16. Clusters - Emma Anderson

  17. Tower of Song - Leonard Cohen

  18. Born Slippy - Barefoot

  19. Are You Lightning - Nada Surf

  20. Waves - Rural Tapes

  21. Different Now - Courtney Barnett and Chastity Belt

  22. Sign O' The Times - Prince

  23. So Long - Fischer Z

  24. It Runs Through Me - Tom Misch (featuring De La Soul)

  25. I'm All You Need - The Divine Comedy

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