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On The Radio : 240324

Last Sunday's show was very much a 'steady as she goes' show. If you'd told me eight months ago that there would be any possibility that I could have reached a 'steady as she goes' state, I'd have been amazed.

You may have noticed a few more references to Maidenhead and the surrounding area recently. That's because we have a few more local presenters on the schedules and can tailor patter to their interests and memories. I'm not sure I do patter, and my approach to links will remain unchanged.

The songs played last Sunday were :

  1. You've Got A Lot To Answer For - Catatonia

  2. I Won't Change You - Artmagic

  3. Twisted and Bent - The Trashcan Sinatras

  4. Safe From Harm - Horace Andy

  5. Blue Crystal Fire - Group Listening

  6. Neon Lights - Dean and Britta

  7. Wendigo - Soft Hearted Scientists

  8. Don't come Running - Hal

  9. In The Morning - Edwyn collins

  10. Nothing Lasts Forever - Echo and the Bunnymen

  11. Love Will Tear Us apart - Honeyroot

  12. She's In Fashion - Suede

  13. Delicious Things - Wolf alice

  14. Shine On - The House of Love

  15. A Little Soul - Pulp

  16. Pinball - Lou Hayter

  17. Lithargea - Scanner

  18. Protection - Massive Attack (featuring Tracey Thorn)

  19. Easy Girl - Snowblind (This doesn't appear on the Spotify playlist as the song isn't available there.)

  20. The Violet Hour - Andrew Wasylyk

  21. Hey, Little Girl - Icehouse

  22. Butterfly - Supergrass

  23. Mountain To Move - Nick Mulvey

  24. Aniara - Farbror Resande Mac

  25. You Never Give Me Your Money - The Beatles

  26. So Why So Sad - Manic Street Preachers

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