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On The Radio : 260524

It's funny how programmes change, even as you're recording them. I had intended to include OneEskimo's 'Amazing' although I had a few reservations about it. As I came to record the link I was seized by a conviction that the song was too much in the mould of James Blunt. (I have no problem with him, but it wasn't what I wanted on the show.) Having decided to take it out i needed to find a song that lasted around 4 minutes 40 seconds. Fortunately 'Nowhere Girl' fitted thre bill and it was a song I was going to fit into a future show.

The second surprising evolution as the show was in progress is that it developed a rather prog rock feel. I would never have set out to make that consciously but I felt it worked well. Hopefully anyone listening felt that too.

This week's songs were:

  1. Antmusic - Adam and the Ants

  2. Le Mirage - Free Love

  3. Former Self - Nation of Language

  4. Today Is the Day - Still Corners

  5. Roads In Between (Vocal Version) - Anthony Phillips

  6. Metallic Spheres In Colour : Movement 3 (Excerpt) - The Orb, David Gilmour

  7. Necessary Genius - David Holmes, Raven Violet

  8. Botanical Garden - Anna Erhard

  9. Nowhere Girl - B-Movie

  10. Somerset House - Stuart A Staples

  11. Black Man Ray - China Crisis

  12. Jack of All Parades - Elvis Costello

  13. The Fine Line of a Quiet Life - FUR

  14. Bedsit Girl - Chris Spedding

  15. Fashun - Willie J Healey

  16. Gold In Them Hills (Remix) - Ron Sexsmith (Oh alright, Chris Martin plays a significant part too!)

  17. 2017 Heatwave - Duke Hugh

  18. Le Soleil Dans Le Monde - Domenique Dumont

  19. They Shoot Horses, Don't They? - Racing Cars

  20. Decision Point - Pye Corner Audio

  21. The Obvious I - Ed Dowie

  22. Talking Loud and Clear - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

  23. The Disappointed - XTC (Oops. Pressed the voice link stop button before I finished speaking)

  24. Invisible To Me - Office For Personal Developments

  25. Come Dancing - The Kinks

  26. The Horse and Groom - Paul Heaton and Jackie Abbot

  27. Seventeen Going Under - Sam Fender

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