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On The Radio : 280124

I don't know if video did kill the radio star, but if you tuned in to last Sunday's show you can be forgiven for wondering what on earth was going on.

To recap, each two hour show is now two one hour programmes linked together wtih adverts. The first half of the programme until 19:00 proceeded as planned. Then came the adverts. At this point the radio show took on a mind of its own and played 10 minutes of standard 60s pop with no links. Abruptly the show then started the second half of the programme, but had 58 minutes worth of music to cram into 45 minutes. It was a bit of a distraction, wondering what would happen at 19:58. It turned out to be a slab of symphonic disco, instead of the opening to In Bed With TC.

I'm unable to explain any of this, as was Darren the station owner. However, he has assured me that the source of the glitch has been identified and it won't happen again. The main impact is that you missed the chance to hear The Beloved with 'Sweet Harmony'.

The show will be re-run this Thursday on between 12:00 and 14:00 if you want to hear the unglitched version.

The full playlist was:

  1. From Head To Toe : Elvis Costello and the Attractions

  2. Calling All Around The World : The Associates

  3. Long Time Coming : The Delays

  4. Washington Square : Sun June

  5. Is It LikeToday? : World Party

  6. Dreams (Acoustic Version) : The Cranberries

  7. Used To Be : EB The younger

  8. Cover Girl : Mr Hudson and the Library

  9. I Think That's Everything : Imperial Teen

  10. Fun City : TOY

  11. Beep Beep Love : Gruppo Sportivo

  12. It's A Long Way Back From A Dream : Legends of Country

  13. You Really Got Me : The Bird and the Bee

  14. Same : Bayonne

  15. Don't Need to Say It : Urban Myth Club

  16. Cough Syrup : Young The Giant

  17. Snow Pony : Daniel Wylie

  18. Coming Home : The Rifles

  19. Sat Beneath The Lightning Tree : John Bramwell

  20. 3 Pontas : Fabiano do Nasciemento

  21. Rikki Don't Lose That Number : Steely Dan

  22. Silence Summons You : Animal Kingdom

  23. Bad Boys and Painkillers : James Dean Bradfield

  24. The House That Built Itself : Bart and the Bedazzled

  25. Sweet Hrmony : The Beloved

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