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On The Radio : 3/12/23

Yesterday's show started the slow build to Christmas. (You have to pace yourself). I think that many people see Christmas songs as accompaniments to Christmas parties. There's certainly a place for those, but it's only a part of the picture. Some of the best Christmas songs are more thoughtful and sadder than that. I don't want to overlook those, as we head towards Christmas Eve.

Yesterday's songs were:

  1. Smiling Makes The Day Go Quicker - Tankus The Henge

  2. Kapou Allou - Bazooka

  3. Atoms At Me - Liela Moss

  4. When I Look Into The World - Bright and Findlay

  5. Lonesome Wine - Lissie

  6. Javelin Unlanding - Bill Callahan (Despite the description I gave this of 'feel bad music', my wife was singing along before the ned.)

  7. Working Man's Cafe - Ray Davies

  8. The Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice (Very pleased at how the link out of this song worked.)

  9. O Come, O Come Emmanuel - Belle and Sebastian

  10. Living Water - Asgeir

  11. Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear - Randy Newman

  12. Hang Up The Lights - White China

  13. Don't Let Me Go - Cigarettes After Sex

  14. No Sad Songs - The Lilac Time

  15. Dry The Rain - The Beta Band

  16. Runaway Love - Alice Gold

  17. Foolishly In Love - Gena Rose Bruce

  18. Sweet.Sweet Kisses - Duke Special

  19. Found A Job - Talking Heads

  20. I Could Be Happy (Martin Rushent Remix) - Altered Images

  21. Ten Feet Tall - XTC

  22. Christmas, Hopefully - Bears Den

  23. Careful What You Wish For - Bell X1

  24. Michael and Heather At the Baggage Claim - Fountains of Wayne

  25. Only A Heartbeat - Dodgy

  26. Penthouse and Pavement - Heaven 17

  27. Yesterday Has Gone - Marc Almond, My Life Story Orchestra, PJ Proby

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