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On The Radio : 070424

This show was the 'Long Player Special'. No, not a programme made up of album tracks but a show featuring several songs lasting between eight and ten minutes, and an equal number clocking in at between six to eight minutes.

It felt like a risk. A station colleague played a nine minute song a week or so ago and said he could feel audience attention draining away. Regardless of that, longer songs should still be heard and radio is still the best route for sharing music widely.

The long player approach meant there were fewer songs than usual, but I'll make up for that next week!

I have an idea for the next special edition, which is to build it around songs from or inspired by the world of film, drama or any of the arts. If you have any ideas for songs to include, lt me know.

The songs featured were:

  1. The Story of the Blues (Pt 1) : Pete Wylie and the Mighty WAH! (3 minutes 40 seconds)

  2. Elements : Lemon Jelly (8:41)

  3. I Remember : Julee Cruise (4:13)

  4. I Will Possess Your Heart : Death Cab for Cutie (8:25)

  5. Generals and Majors : XTC (4:04)

  6. One of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later) : (6:19)

  7. Rez : Underworld (9:59)

  8. Sinner : The Last Dinner Party (2:56)

  9. From Now On : Supertramp (6:18)

  10. Judy Teen : Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel (3:45)

  11. Sandrail Silhouette : Avalon Emerson (4:29)

  12. Over The Midnight : Jonathan Wilson (8:15)

  13. Television Man : Talking Heads (6:10)

  14. Put The Message In The Box : World Party (4:16)

  15. Cosmic Dance : East Forest and Marieme (5:57)

  16. Get The Message (DNA Mix) : Electronic and DNA (5:27)

  17. It's Alright : Pet Shop Boys (9:27)

  18. The Message Is Love : Arthur Baker and the Backbeat Disciples and Al Green (6:21)

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