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On The Radio : 140424

(Come on !! You get the connection, surely! As usual, there's a link to radio. Answer at the end.)

Following last week's long player special, this week's show went a different route. 28 songs in two hours is a record for the programme, and hopefully you heard lots to like.

I prevaricated over the Tunng track - directly dealing with death is one of the last remaining taboos. I included it mainly because it deals with the subject in an uplifting way and because pop has always had a role in helping people to address subjects that would otherwise not be spoken about. Any thoughts - for or against - would be welcome.

And if you've ever wondered what a producer does, I was two seconds over this week and Darren brought forward the final song by two seconds. It sounded great!

The full list of songs played is:

  1. My Type - Saint Motel

  2. Do It (You Stole The Rhythm) - Iraina Mancini

  3. Birds Fly (Whisper To A Scream) - The Icicle Works

  4. Easier To Lie - Aqualung

  5. Best For You and Me - Helado Negro

  6. Tidy Away - Stuart Moxham, Louis Philippe

  7. A Woman On The Verge Of Becoming A Cyclist - The Pearlfishers

  8. ...And That's Why - The Christians

  9. True Faith - Teleman

  10. Common Blue - Warpaint

  11. Cristina - Teleman

  12. Hailey - Premix Version - Cassandra Jenkins

  13. All The Best Moves - Smith and Burrows

  14. Some Fantastic Place - Squeeze

  15. Wake Me - Bleachers

  16. Going To A Town - Rufus Wainwright

  17. Sunrise Mtn - Jenny Owen Youngs, John Mark Nelson

  18. I Never Want To Leave - The Luxembourg Signal

  19. Angel Eyes - The Czars

  20. In The Yard, Behind The Church - Eels

  21. Please Don't Send Me Away - Matthew Jay

  22. Gollden Star - Middle Kids

  23. Fatally Human - Tunng

  24. uPVC - Psapp

  25. Spitting Games - Snow Patrol

  26. One More Time - Joe Jackson

  27. Talking Straight - Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

  28. Scarlet (The Killers and Jacques Lu Cont Remix) - The Rolling Stones

Answer to photo quiz : These are the mug shots used to enrol a well known band into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Radiohead

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