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On The Radio : 100324

So... this evening's show wasn't entirely glitch free. Around the hour mark the news failed to make its usual appearance and Richie Valens brough this impeccable brand of rock and roll into Pop In The Real World. Darren, the brave leader of Royal Borough Radio has updated our service to prevent it happening again.

Darren is also the man who manged to edit Wings by Bahe to reduce the silence midway through the song from seconds to four second. If he hadn't, an emotionally powerful moment would have been broken by a jingle.

All songs played in full and these were:

  1. I'm Good, I'm Gone - Lykke Li

  2. Hey World (Acoustic) - Isobel Campbell

  3. Take Me For A Little While - Dave Edmunds

  4. Mother - Dualist Inquiry (Especially for Mothers' Day. Icouldn't mention that because the show may be repeated at other times of the year.)

  5. Underpass - John Foxx

  6. Sleepwalk - Ultravox

  7. Listen To The sky - Laura Misch

  8. Everything You Do Is A Balloon - Boards of Canada

  9. 4 American Dollars - U.S. Girls

  10. Wings - Bahe

  11. White Love (Radio Mix) - One Dove

  12. Crosville - Colorama

  13. One Of Them - Chris Price

  14. Forever J - Terry Hall

  15. Death Drive. - junodream

  16. The Beatniks - Emily Breeze

  17. Tell Her I Said So - James

  18. Touch Down - Tom Sanders

  19. Memphis Tennessee - The Silico Teens

  20. Sixty Second Interval - The Vapors

  21. J'ai Dormis Soul L'Eau - Air

  22. Soft - Lemon Jelly

  23. Speedboat - Lloyd Cole and the Commotions

  24. Kooks. - David Bowie

  25. Stop your Crying - Spiritualized

  26. Tightrope - Electric Light Orchestra

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