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On The Radio : 27/8/23

The third edition of Pop In The Real World (On The Radio) went out last Sunday.

I was grateful for comments about it as I wondered if it was a little flat. It seems, from the reaction, that it was only I that felt that.

If you listen in next Sunday - at the new regular time of 18:00 to 20:00 - you'll hear the 'development' I've received form our DJ's seminar on radio presenting skills.

Make your show lively they said or listeners will switch off. Sunday' episode will therefore feature me bursting into song at some point. (Wait..... where has everyone gone!) It will also feature proper singing (or playing) from the likes of Primal Scream, Jungle, Teenage Fanclub, Captain Beefheart, Air and The Field Mice - and many. many more!

The songs featured on last week's show were:

  1. Coming Home - Pacific State

  2. Every Trick in the Book - The Allergies

  3. KC and the Sunshine Band - Autoleisureland

  4. Dave's Place - Bret McKenzie

  5. Lonely Town - Galen and Paul

  6. Globe - Pale Blue Eyes

  7. Baby Snakes - Death and Vanilla

  8. Stars - Dubstar

  9. Fragile - Ben Folds

  10. Causes - Nick Mulvey

  11. Babe - Jerry Williams

  12. The Healing Day - Bill Fay

  13. Butter Gold - Raf Rundell (forgot to mention on air that it's a duet with Andy Jenkins!)

  14. Self-Portrait In A Convex Mirror - Jeff Tobias (at least one person's favourite!)

  15. Fear Song - Roce City Band

  16. Dreamer - Supertramp

  17. saltsppring - Ada Lea (Lower case title not a typo)

  18. Time Wind - M83 (featuring Beck)

  19. Wonder - En Attendant Ana (also nominated as a favourite)

  20. august - Taylor Swift (what is it with these lower case titles?)

  21. She May Call You Up Tonight - Ian Matthews

  22. Pocketful of Sunshine - The Apartments

  23. A Lady of A Certain Age - The Divine Comedy

  24. Smokebelch ll (Beatless Mix) - Sabres of Paradise

  25. Kardomah Cafe - The Cherry Boys

  26. (In The End) There's Only Love - Ewert. and the Two Dragons

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