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On The Radio : 3/9/23

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Hope you enjoyed last Sunday's show on

It seems to be settling down now into a relaxed end of the weekend vibe. A few people have mentioned that it goes well with a glass or bottle of wine. Please be drink aware!

If you'd like something a little louder, you could try the programme that has preceded Pop In The Real World in recent weeks - The Big Little Rock Show, hosted by Dave of Darkness. As he says, if it's rock he'll play it. He saves his programmes to Mix Cloud, something I'll be considering at some point in the future. You can hear his shows at

It may soon be time to start developing the format to include anniversaries, deaths, birthdays, and themed playlists. Any ideas, please share!

This weeks songs were:

  1. Movin' On Up - Primal Scream

  2. Across That Fine Line - Nation of Language

  3. Closest Thing To Heaven - The Kane Gang

  4. Afterhour - Harmonious Thelonious

  5. Honest - SG Lewis

  6. Good At Breaking Hearts - Jungle

  7. Hope - Arlo Parks

  8. Window - Joe McAlinden

  9. Ain't That Enough - Teenage Fanclub

  10. Like An Eagle - Dennis Parker

  11. Give It A go - Pet Shop Boys

  12. From There To Here - I Am Kloot

  13. Lately I've Let Things Slide - Nick Lowe

  14. no song without you - HONNE

  15. Observatory Crest - Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band

  16. Cinematografica - GNAC

  17. Pieces - Psapp


  19. La Femme D'Argent - Air

  20. Somewhere Nicer - Obi

  21. Me Voy Pa'l Pueblo - Mapache

  22. In Favour of Storms - A Man Called Adam

  23. When Morning Comes To Town - The Field Mice

  24. Morning Song - Zero 7

  25. The Girls Who Came To Stay - Teleman

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